Laura Woodrow, d.o.
Osteopathic Physician
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The Body is Self-Healing

Operating within all of us and throughout nature, there is a force that strives to maintain a state of homeostasis, or balanced function. Physiologically, we are able to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate. Posturally, we are able to move through space relatively symmetrically, and adjust to changes in our environment without falling over. It is remarkable that we can get off a roller coaster and walk straight, throw a ball and have it hit a target, or bring a cup of water to our lips without looking. These restorative forces work with an intelligence that is far greater than any doctor can ever attain, no matter how smart they become. For example, when there is a laceration or tear in the tissues, a physician can assist by cleaning the wound and bringing the edges together, but healing occurs by the action of inherent forces and processes within the body.

When a state of discord arises, this healing force acts to restore functional balance and harmony. Sometimes the body's self-healing forces can be impaired or impeded by disease or structural imbalance. The osteopathic physician does not "fix" or "heal" you. Osteopathic practice is designed to support, stimulate, and in some instances initiate the body's trend toward health.