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What to expect...

New Patients

Please click on the following link with MD-HQ and fill out the requested information: 

Your first osteopathic visit involves a detailed health history, a general medical exam, followed by an Osteopathic structural exam and treatment. Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment involves gentle touch to evaluate areas of health and restriction in the body. The feet, pelvis, spine, ribcage, and head may be held during a typical treatment.


Initial exams are approximately 90 minutes. Follow-up visits are typically 30-45 minutes. You will remain clothed throughout but will be asked to remove your shoes, belt, watch, and any items from your pocket. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is recommended.


Following treatment, patients generally feel a deep sense of relaxation. Sometimes there may be a temporary feeling of tingling or discomfort as the body readjusts. This is normal. Additionally, changes may occur immediately or not be noticed until days after the treatment. Patients often report a greater sense of health and well-being.


A minimum of one follow-up visit is strongly recommended to evaluate how one responded to treatment. Sometimes as one problem or compensation pattern is addressed and resolves, another problem or pattern reveals itself.


Prior to your first visit, please complete all of the forms in the "Questionnaires" section of your online portal profile. This will allow time to review your health history before your examination and treatment.

Current Patients

Please follow the link below to set a password for your patient portal account so you can access your medical information and send requests to your provider. **Click on: I'm a registered patient. Create my Patient Portal account! 

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